Destiny Entertainment
  • Multi-System/Mobile Entertainment Company
Being a "Multi-System" means we have a number of show rigs and the personnel to run multiple shows. So, if you have an event on a popular's likely we'll be able to accommodate you!  And "Mobile" means we will bring the show to you. So wherever your event will be held Destiny Entertainment will bring the show that best works for your event...and there is no charge for set-up and take-down. Your hard earned money will be spent for our Production Time (if your event needs that) and Performance Time. No hidden costs - guaranteed!!!
Note - If you're event is "out-of-area" and over night the client will be responsible for travel and lodging for our crew)
  • Professional DJs & Emcees with 19 years of experience
We've done everything from doing straight forward events like school dances (Jr High, High School & College) to a very high level, working in "high-pressure" performance environments like in the NBA (Sacramento Kings Video DJ - 2006 & 2008). Many DJ/Video DJs approach every event with the same show/marketing strategies (i.e. say the same things and play the same songs for every event that they perform). At Destiny Entertainment a general assumption is that we will find and connect the "common threads" between the type of event and the theme of your event therefore giving a very special experience to you and your audience. We at Destiny Entertainment completely understand that, not, all events are "created equal." This ensures that you are not paying for some generic, "run-of-the-mill" DJ show. And what this means is that Destiny Entertainment has the highest level of - Experience, Professionalism and Skill-Set, and that ensures the expectation of your event will be fulfilled to the best of our abilities. 
  • DJ / Video DJs
Destiny Entertainment has a core group of highly experienced and highly skilled DJs, Video DJs and Emcees on our staff. We, also, have an Audio/Video Production team that work with our performers to create these one-of-a-kind shows. The DE staff have (at least) a decade experience and have created successful events for every type of private party, marketing and/or nightclub event . We have have shows in (most) every popular music genre and that's Audio Tracks or Music Videos. And we have banks of Music Videos no one else has. Hard to find, impossible to get and/or generated from our own camera rigs... we specialize in Video Presentations that cover the entire show content spectrum. And we have members of our crew that you would see at National Events. Competing at DMC Battle DJ Competitions as well as WMC (World) Video DJ Battles.
  • VisualTurns' Video DJ Crew
The VisualTurn's Video DJ crew is our staff DJs that specialize in creating and performing Custom, Vegas-Level Visual Shows. We remix Audio Tracks, Music Videos and Commercials, make them more exciting and integrate them into our show. Here's an example: